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This is the best home theatre sound I have ever heard and is better than the sound I’ve experienced in a lot of movie theatres.

Hammond Peak Endorsement



"This is the best home theatre sound I have ever heard and is better than the sound I’ve experienced in a lot of movie theatres."


I feel sound is the key that unlocks our emotions.

Certain sounds give me goose bumps, bring tears to my eyes and make my heart melt. Music moves me. I love the sound of birds in the bush, waves on a pebble beach, water over rocks in a mountain stream, Ian McKellan’s enchanting voice drawing me deeper into the story of Gollum, or the poignancy of Boromir dying in Aragorn’s arms.

When I record sounds for feature films, TV dramas and documentaries I am looking for clean, clear, distinct sounds full of character, texture, body, detail and emotional interest. Individual voices resonating in a massed boys choir. The haunting tones of a sole violin allowed to breathe emotionally by not being recorded too close. The enveloping sound of wood pigeons whooshing just over my head in a sunlit forest. Gimli’s sonorous voice declaring with great gusto - “And my axe!” Aragorn rousing his nervous troops to charge Sauron’s hordes at the climactic battle of the Black Gates.

To get good sound I sometimes spend long hours humping my gear over hills and deep into forests, then I wait patiently to capture that perfect recording. I often have to get rid of background chainsaws, lawnmowers, stereos and other annoying unwanted noises.

Occasionally I’ll even record at night when it’s lovely and quiet. Once I found myself hanging precariously amongst ropes in the bowsprit of a surging old-fashioned sailing ship recording the bow pounding through ocean rollers just below my feet.

After all the efforts I take to record quality sound, I obviously want to hear it reproduced in all its glory. So much of what we experience and enjoy in life we take in through our ears, so why put up with listening to inferior sound? I just love hearing my sound played through these incredible Theophany speakers. What I hear coming from these beautiful loudspeakers is exactly what I recorded, with all the character, nuances, detail and raw power flawlessly reproduced. 

Beginning to listen, I can already feel the back of my neck starting to tingle...

- Hammond Peek, CAS
Production Sound Mixer

Hammond Peek is a Production Sound Mixer who has won two Academy Awards® for Sound Mixing, one for his work on Peter Jackson’s King Kong and the other for The Lord of the Rings: the Return of the King.

Best Awards

Best Speaker - Tone Magazine, 5 years in a row
plus numerous 5 star awards (NZ and overseas)