Rhapsody Kardia

Rhapsody Kardia


Rhapsody means a piece of music of unusual form. We at Theophany are very proud of the Rhapsody and its unique form. The design and development of the Rhapsody took over a year as we worked to build a truly remarkable three dimensional product with no parallel surfaces.

There are several principles behind the design that are critical in true High Fidelity speaker construction.

A conical shape is by its very nature isolating with regard to cabinet vibrations. Because any vibration naturally dissipates no harmonic resonance is able to develop in the body of the cabinet. This means music is more real and engaging.

The shape also means air resonance is defeated. The conical internal shape isolates and almost prevents air resonance in the chamber. This means the output is very neutral and bass is very tight and accurate.

The other benefit of having the tapered form is that every driver is very close to the edge of the cabinet. This means that a front edge standing wave is almost non-existent. The benefit of this is three fold. Tighter cleaner bass response, more detailed and accurate mid-range performance and better imaging such that the sound stage is very expansive and three dimensional.

The Rhapsodies have been designed with HiFi in mind however this in no way restricts their use. The Rhapsodies paired with the Psuche Lalia, Psuche Kathar’s and Psuche Kratos make one of the best home theatres on the market today.

The Rhapsodies utilise two of our new fibre glass cone low frequency 6” woofers. Two of our compound paper 5” midrange woofers and our silk dome tweeter. Extending from 28hz to over 40khz they are a truly exciting, dynamic and impressive speaker.

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