Pneuma Kardia

Pneuma Kardia


Pneuma means spirit, a breath of wind (gentle blast), a name we believe is very appropriate.  We wanted to develop a speaker that was leaner than our Psuche and Rhapsody specifically because we understand that aesthetics in any modern home is very important. However we did not want to compromise on the quality of sound, specifically the bass that is often hard to reproduce accurately if at all in a small speaker.

With this in mind we had some changes made to our bass woofers that allowed them to extend lower in a smaller chamber. However a natural result of this is a slight loss of efficiency, to compensate we had them designed to work in pairs so we could make up for this small loss. The result is nothing short of remarkable. The bass is big, tight and very accurate reflecting the sine wave of even the bottom B of a bass guitar. Something a lot of speakers never come close to doing.

One of the amazing benefits of going to the leaner cabinet is that standing waves are further reduced around the outside at both the back and front of the cabinet. The improvement in detail and imaging because of this narrow aerodynamic profile has further enhanced the capabilities of these remarkable speakers.

The combination of curves, lean back, narrow elegant design and handcrafted quality make the Pneuma Kardia’s the perfect choice for any Home Theatre or critical two channel music listener. The centre speaker surrounds and subwoofer from either the Psallo theatre or the Psuche theatre will pair very nicely to make an outstanding home theatre system. 

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