Paizo Kardia

Paizo Kardia


In 2009 we won Tone Magazine bookshelf speaker of the year with our M3b. The Paizo Kardia is the upgraded model. While it features all of the benefits of the M3b we have improved it in certain areas to make it even more of a success.

One reviewer commented that they were like a Tardus, implying that he had never heard such big sound come out of a small speaker. The Paizo Kardia’s feature some amazing attributes. They utilise a pair of very fast 5” drivers that ensure detail is clean, tight and extremely lifelike. Their unique configuration also improves bass as we utilise the back wave of the top driver to generate improved bass response under 50 Hz. The 22mm silk dome tweeter is clean and precise with an outstanding off access response that allows the speakers to hide in the room leaving only the impression of a live performance or environment.

Detailed Sound & Tight Bass

The clean aerodynamic profile also allows us to eliminate standing waves both inside and outside the cabinet. Like almost all of our speakers the Paizo’s lean back ensuring outstanding time alignment and phasing from the front drivers which in turn results in incredible imaging and presence.

If space is an issue but average sound is not acceptable then the Paizo Kardia are the perfect choice either as a two channel HiFi pair or as the main speakers for a home theatre. The dynamic energy and sound reality that they produce will excite even the most critical listeners.